Global Code of Conduct

Last updated: 17th May 2018

While using Discord to access communities and its other activities, you are also expected to read Discord's own Terms of Service and their Community Guidelines as well as following our global Code of Conduct. We have these guidelines in place so that is a safe and welcoming community for all members.

Foster a pleasant environment - This includes treating others as you'd want to be treated. Negativity and unpleasantness has no bounds here. Such attitudes will be reviewed and punished accordingly. It is your sole responsibility as a person at; Is to ensure that this community has a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Be considerate - Some people in our community come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and sensitivities. If you are informed that a conversation within this community is making someone uncomfortable please respect their feelings and decisions and find something else to chat about. Racism, sexism, stalking, harassment or any other form of abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated. - Swearing is allowed to an extent. NSFW media content is NOT allowed. This includes posts/pictures that reference any NSFW content.

Conflict/Resolution - Miscommunication can be a big thing, and conflict can cause more malice. Disagreements and such will be dealt with in private. If it is to be brought into the public eye, we will purge it. Staff will be called to deal with the problems and mediate with all parties that are involved. Please refrain from creating drama.

Spamming/Trolling - We damage-control to protect members on our community from spammy content and trolling. Any members who engage in spamming the text-channels will be kicked. If there is a second occurrence you will be permanently banned from our community globally. The same is in accordance for trolling content. Please use the relative text-channels to use memes. Other text-channels are excluded from meme white-listing.

Drama/Ban discussions - It is forbidden to cause drama on our communities. This is to prevent trolls and witch-hunting and to keep our community safe and a troll-free zone. Witch-hunting is a general internet term meaning to go out and intentionally go after an individual with an internet mob with intentions to troll or cause ill-will towards that individual. If you are caught causing drama or are involved in a witch-hunt you will be permanently kicked from all activities. Furthermore, to prevent drama, please resist from discussing about internal bans and external bans from other communities. This isn't necessary and will result in a warning or a slap on the wrist!

Advertising - We have a zero tolerance for users advertising our servers externally on other Discord servers without explicit permission first. If you are wanting to advertise this server, we would advise that you do not publicly advertise it on other Discord servers, unless it states on their rules that you are allowed to advertise servers. We are not responsible for advertisements made from a third-party. Instead, you are freely allowed to advertise servers in someone's DM, as long as they are perfectly fine with it. This also covers advertising of your own servers. Please do it in Direct Messages, or don't do it at all. Our rules on advertising are a bit more lax now, just use common sense and do not post NSFW content.

Away on vacation / break - Let us know! We know that life always comes first. As humans you have to have some sort of interaction with the real world and as such, if something comes up, let us know! The story at is pretty progressive so it allows other people to work during your break.

If you have any issues with our Code of Conduct, please let us know. We may rectify these rules at a later date. Don't hesitate to talk the staff!

And of course, have fun!

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Read the Code of Conduct above and when you agree send:

May I get access? I agree to the COC terms.

in #hello on Discord.


Do not include the Code Block and don't forget the . at the end. For best results double check if you actually copied the content correctly.

Failure in following the etiquette, you will earn a warning. If you continue to abuse the Code of Conduct you will be kicked/banned from any activities and/or our communities and services.