B2B Services (more coming soon)
Starting from 8 € Done once it's ready (and that's still speedy)
Security audits and reverse engineering
Before the work starts, you'll need to verify ownership (websites) or have a good reason why to (obscure software).
Game patching, remastering
Have old game, lost it's source code? Give us a try to patch it, add widescreen support, fix bugs, maybe even a remaster with better textures.
Game development
Just make sure it's not Unity Engine. UE4, Godot, Custom.
Video-Media editing & production
^ says everything
Website development
Source code and everything is yours. Free upgrades and fixes depending on situaction. Discount after 4th time.
App development
Not something that super (yet), but good enough on low budget
Publishing to app, game stores, and music streaming platforms
Free for non-profit, free if we really like the app. 4% extra cut on top for paid apps until it reaches a point, and it's all yours!