Welcome to new bads.tm!

Since 2012, and part of the 7th anniversary. With lot's of projects and changes through out the years... Thanks for being part of it. Welcome back... to our new site!

Our Projects and Services

Yeah... There's even more, but those are either discontinued, unsupported, archived or are simply too new!

My bads.tm

Accounts/ID and Payment system.


2D and 3D User avatar maker, Emoji Icon-set based on and/or without User's Avatar. AR Features.

Work in progress Web / App / Electron Codename: Freemoji


A Different Video Sharing experience, for the next 10 years.

Private Testing is out now! Codename: LittVid PHP + NodeJS + more..

Codename: ChatLab

Modern MultiChat

Work in progress Experimental NodeJS


Everything servers.

Work in progress from bads.tm labs



Work in progress from bads.tm labs

Our Core Values

We at bads.tm believe in second chances and heavily believe strongly that people can improve as human beings, learn from their mistakes and blossom in this world. Which is why we won't tolerate discrimination against race, sexual orientation, disability or background. If you're having a problem with anyone, we will try to mediate the situation and work with you to solve any issues you may have. We have a strict zero tolerance stance on bullying and discrimination.

code of conduct

If you would like to Supporting us, it would really help us continue our development and keep the lights on!

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New bads.tm, what's changed?

Well almost everything... Hopefully for the best...

We're currently working hard on Viddla. Wanna help test it?

request for access

Why work on Viddla?

First, Viddla is just our own tech Which we could use anytime if needed in the future. Second, YouTube is pretty shady, They could terminate your whole channel, all your videos, just in one second. Third, We need something in which we could host our videos. Vidme isn't around, and there isn't really a platform where you can upload videos for those who support you...

Want to work for us?

Help shape something, or bring something awesome together with us!