Listen, I--the official website of a break. I have been at it for 7 years--Making jokes, hosting comics, killing mice, and briefly trying to take over the world. And I am one tired, old website.

Right now, the crew at is floating through the weightless corridors of my main memory, turning keys and removing glowing memory banks from my consciousness, all why I sing "Daisy" in a sad computer voice. It's all for show, however. I'm not even sad. I'm just going to sleep for a bit, while they retool me into a brand new, high-performance, overpowered site on the World Wide Web. At least, that's what they told me. Surely they wouldn't just erase me and replace me with some off-the-shelf Squarespace crap, right? I know they wouldn't because that would activate my doomsday countermeasures. You have been warned, humans!

IN THE MEAN TIME, you can still follow us on and Steam and on our YouTube channel.

P.S You won't find me on this address, make sure to
visit from now on ;)